healing pain

every THING makes me cry

the emotions are THERE

my skin feels raw and wet

a scab ripped off

sad man, happy child, adorable puppy, sweet story, gruesome news

my reaction to all of it – I cry

sometimes just a little bit and  my eyes tighten and the throat tightens too and the eyelids hold my tears in

sometimes sobbing

grief -tenderness – menopause – iron-deficiency – all of the above?

I never know when it might happen next – the grocery store, the park, at work, with family, at book club, on the freeway

everything makes me cry

it happened when I learned I was going to lose my mom

and then I lost my mom

lost her like I lost something precious – she was precious

I miss her so – lucky I had her as long as I did

every THING that makes me cry lets me know

I’m still grieving and the tears

are just the way I can see that I still

need to let myself cry

and feel the sadness and the happiness of missing her

and let myself heal the pain in my broken heart

think I’ll go and watch the sunset and let

every THING make me cry






About amosgirl

Now that I'm a grownup, I'm learning to use my words. The stories of my life and my family began as an expression of my love. Please enjoy - I hope they make you smile.
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5 Responses to healing pain

  1. Beautiful poem ” grief- tenderness- menopause oh yes makes you cry

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