The Reflections of Stars

A short bedtime story for the times you might feel lonely, scared,  sad, or sleepless.


It is true that the brightest stars

Appear in the darkness

Exactly where we need them.

It is then that we humans can begin to believe that we are not on this journey alone. 


I am a star –  you may call me Sol or you may call me The Sun. 

I have been alive more than 4 billion years, and there are some stars even older than I. 

The grandparent stars have lived a very, very long time. 

They are as old as our known universe.

My most beautiful and closest sister is called Proxima Centauri. 

If I could, I would  travel more than 75 thousand years just to see her dear face .

Inhabiting the galactic island of the Milky Way, are perhaps  400 billion  of my star brothers and sisters; and the distance I might  travel to visit them is even further. 

My universe is exceedingly cold; but we stars make our own heat.  Some of the cooler stars are brown, slightly warmer stars are red, and hot stars are orange. 

I am a very hot star – my color is yellow. 

There are the hottest stars, which are white stars;

and finally the blue stars. 

They are the hottest stars in the universe and their lives are wild, fast and short.


Sometimes they twinkle and wink just at the horizon or almost touching the moon and seem nearly within our grasp and sometimes they are echoes from other lifetimes

And most of the time

They appear as sentinels from the heavens

because they have become the loved ones we miss and pine for

And they are there to guide us.


I would like to tell you about my best magic.  I twinkle

Truthfully though, my twinkle is just a trick of the light. 

The trick is only turbulence in the earth’s atmosphere.

It  deflects my light; and that’s what creates the twinkle. 

It may just be a mirage, but I still think it’s some of my most beautiful work.


By speaking to our broken souls and recognizing the tears poured out and teaching us to allow peace and solace to come into and from our hearts.

The stars speak to us when we need love and tenderness and when we need to  learn to forgive ourselves.


You might think that my second best magic is actually my very BEST magic. 

My starlight will travel

so many millions of years to reach you that when you look at me;

you are actually looking backwards in time. 

I think that makes you a time traveler.


The stars are ever faithful when we are frightened and alone on a treacherous path.

They will shine as a bright beacon when there are children who need to believe they are perfect and loved and worthy just as they are.


Whether  animal, human, or machine we delightfully guide all explorers and dreamers.

We are honored to light your safe passage over land and sea.


The stars are also there for the ones who refuse to give up, no matter how impossible life seems.

And they are standing vigil when we falter and make mistakes.


Although they can never touch, some of my star family is gravitationally linked forever.

 They dance and sway in each other’s orbit across the universe;

 but cannot hold hands when they are happy or even cry together when they are sad.


They shimmer and dance for the ones who desire to grow

as wild and beautiful as the clouds.

They graciously pave the way for all generations and their constellations scatter ideas and notions in the hearts of dreamers and in the minds of the practical.


We stars have been the friends of humans since the beginning of time.  

There are some who believe we grouped ourselves into 88 constellations; and from those observances they created calendars, astrological signs, and mythologies.

The idea that we stars find even more wondrous is that there are actually more ways of grouping ourselves and dividing up the sky, more stories, and more ideas about us.

There is an almost infinite ability to provide our humans with tales and histories that go on nearly forever. 


And someday when we learn all that there is for us to learn in our lifetime, they will welcome us back to where they burn the brightest and watch and wait and love eternally in a beautiful night sky.


 AmyLee 02 01 2016



About amosgirl

Now that I'm a grownup, I'm learning to use my words. The stories of my life and my family began as an expression of my love. Please enjoy - I hope they make you smile.
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