I Need to Meditate! Twenty-One Day Challenge

Meditation is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself, EVER.  It nurtures, it comforts, it heals.  About a year ago, I started to think about meditation as a way to help me cope with the stresses in life.  I was already doing some yoga – it seemed like a logical next step.

I love the serendipity in life!  Shortly after I decided I needed to start meditating,  a friend introduced me to mantra meditation.  She got me started and  I was able to do it on my own, whenever I wanted.  Then my yoga instructor started adding meditation to our yoga practice and then she added separate meditation classes too.  It was a wonderful way to learn about many different ways to meditate.  Yep, the universe is pretty cool.  I put out there what I needed help with and help arrived.


Through the instruction and patience of my teacher, friends and classmates,  I have tried mantra meditation, mandala meditation, guided meditation, and chakra meditation. I love it.  I love the breath work, the inner voyage, the imagery, and the peace.  But most of all, I love the way I feel and how I move through the world when I am meditating regularly.

My story now:  Currently, I am not meditating.  WHY?! Why do we  deny ourselves the things that do the most good.  The things that make us feel the happiest and healthiest?    I have no excuses.  I can only try to make a change.  I will make a change; and one thing I know from experience that will work for me is making myself accountable by saying what I need to do out loud.  IN PUBLIC.  On THIS BLOG.


What do I want?   I want to incorporate mediation back into my life.  I want to meditate every day.  I want to set aside at least five minutes every day and do it.  I can practice longer than  five minutes but no less than five minutes.
What will I do?  To keep myself on track, I will post a short check-in comment each day for 21 days.  I will check in and let you know how I’m doing.  At the end of three weeks, I’ll evaluate my experience to see what I will change and what I will keep and decide if all that meditation is really worth it.
How can you help?  I’m committed to a better me!  Please share cool ideas  you may have about meditation.  Please ask me questions about how it’s going and what I notice about this three-week experiment.  Most of all, if you care to, please join me in this challenge!
When will I start?  TODAY!
When I started yoga, sometimes I’d hear a piece of music in my class that helped me get to exactly the right place of relaxation.  I finally figured out that this was the artist and music that I loved so much.

About amosgirl

Now that I'm a grownup, I'm learning to use my words. The stories of my life and my family began as an expression of my love. Please enjoy - I hope they make you smile.
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25 Responses to I Need to Meditate! Twenty-One Day Challenge

  1. I liked this sentence “I love the serendipity in life” even I believe so.
    How was your day did you meditate today? Actually I have been thinking to start meditation, so along with you even I will try to meditate everyday. Each day before asking you I will make sure I did mine. Thanking you for sharing your challenge, it made me do so too.

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  2. christy says:

    YES! YES! YES! Love this and Proud of you for owning what’s in your hands and Breath!! haha
    I’m with you!!

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  3. amosgirl says:

    another evening meditation and I was able to complete 15 minutes. Woke up this morning feeling happy and ready for the day!


  4. amosgirl says:

    day 3 of my challenge completed joyfully! Today is Saturday and I have time to explore other forms of meditation. I’ll let you know how it goes. How is it going for you @Christy and @Megha?


  5. amosgirl says:

    day 4 – I was expecting more out of my time spent meditating but it was just okay, not spectacular. I just have to keep practicing. Today’s a new day!


  6. amosgirl says:

    Day 5. Found a nice Chakra meditation!


  7. christy says:

    Sorry for the slow response. I have meditated every day except yesterday ( the one day I probably needed it the most as I was working with lots of numbers & less creative stuff). Different types have been popping up for me…at night when I can’t get back to sleep I work on mantra meditation, in the pool I did some breath work with meditation, in the yard more of a moving meditation while working with the plants. It’s been good to have your daily reminders with where you are and how your meditation and day have been. How have the last 2 days been for you?


    • amosgirl says:

      Christy you are doing a ton of work! I think that when it just becomes incorporated into the daily routine like you’ve done…this means success! I love that there are many ways to do this and I love that freedom!

      Last night I did a really FAST 10 minutes of Mantra meditation. I didn’t think I was doing anything helpful with my practice but I slept wonderfully well and had a dream right before waking up this morning about My Gramps, My Uncle and My Mom. It was wonderful and will be an inspriation for some writing I’ll do tonight. I think the meditation is working for me because I’m allowing it to work. I don’t have a plan yet for today’s meditation…I will let you know! Thank you, Namaste and xox


      • christy says:

        Amy your dream sounds amazing! I love when ancestors visit in our dreams or on this plane. It’s very comforting on so many levels.

        Many people feel as though one has to sit cross legged in a quiet space to meditate and that is so untrue. Meditation can be done almost anywhere! Walking meditations are great. Walking a labyrinth is a great way to get started. I have been reading about “dance” meditation and am very intrigued. Will share as I learn more. Another way to get us to connect with our bodies and get out of our thinking minds.

        For quieter meditation practices have you tried gazing at a candle in a low lit room? or any type of breath work? Do you remember us doing Nadi Shodan (alternate nostril breathing) in yoga class? This is a great breath work meditation that you can do almost anywhere when you need balance in your life.


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  8. amosgirl says:

    I completed day 8 last night. Days 7 and 8 were difficult meditation days. I did the best and practiced. But I didn’t want to. I know there are better meditation days ahead of me so I’m not going to worry about it and will push on!


  9. amosgirl says:

    Today I start my 12th day of this challenge. While I haven’t posted a reply every day, I can happily say that even sometimes rather halfheartedly, I have meditated every day! Last night I did another 45 minute Chakra Balancing meditation and I begin to see a positive difference in my sleep patterns. I wake up feeling refreshed and READY for what the day brings. I’m going to do a different kind of meditation tonight, I’ll let you know how that goes. Have a beautiful day!


  10. amosgirl says:

    Day 13 – ODD! I spent quite a bit of time last night meditating. I went with a different chakra meditation (30 minutes) and then (same narrator) a 30 minute guided meditation. The chakra one was okay but not my favorite. The guided meditation actually stressed me out. By the time I had finished, I’d decided I’ll never listen to this guys stuff again. Very disconcerting but I think, for me, a big lessoned learned. I really need to be mindful what goes into my body and brain.


  11. amosgirl says:

    Day 14 – really? Only 7 more days to go? Last night I found a different chakra meditation and had a very relaxing 40 minutes feeling calm and focused. I slept peacefully and woke up energized this morning. How is your meditation challenge going?


  12. amosgirl says:

    Day 15. Last night I listened to Deepak Chopra’s Healing Meditation. Very soothing and I slept really well so perhaps it accomplished what it needed to. I did find my mind wandering all over the place during the meditation. Was that just me or the nature of the meditation? In any case, I’ve got another couple of new ideas for meditation practice tonight…I’ll let you know how it goes.


  13. amosgirl says:

    I cannot believe it’s already my 16th day of meditation. I’m noticing that I sleep easier, more deeply. When I get up to go to work in the morning, I’m ready for my day. Tonight, I’m going to go back to some much needed Mantra meditation. Keeping it simple and let’s see if I can go for more than 15 minutes. Hope you are having a lovely day. I’d really love to hear how your meditation if going!


    • christy says:

      Between Wednesday & Thursday I tried several different kinds of meditations. One Kundalini Meditation that was only 2 minutes of breathing through my curled tongue to a shaman meditation/ceremony that last over an hour with 3 different people leading the drumming, chanting and ceremony. Wednesday night I did not move! I woke up in same position as I fell asleep. It was incredible. Last night sleeping was a bit strained and this morning I was so ungrounded. Quite crazy like at some level. I had to stop my self several times during my busy morning just to take a few deep breaths before moving into the next thing to do.I planned to meditate today. Hopefully I will before falling to sleep. Keep up the good work Amosgirl!! This is a wonderful “challenge”!!

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      • amosgirl says:

        Thank you Christy! I will try the kundalini meditation tonight and see how I do. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me so I will need whatever special energy I can gather. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Hugs!


  14. amosgirl says:

    day 18. Last night I did mantra meditation while listening to tibetan singing bowls in the background. It was simple and nice. I think I got about 30 minutes in before I fell asleep…which was EXACTLY what I needed last night. Today feeling creative, quirky, and cozy.


  15. amosgirl says:

    So surprised to find that today is actually the 22nd day of my meditation challenge. I completed my challenge! The last 3 nights, I did a law of attraction meditation that was very relaxing and left me feeling at peace with myself. In particular, one night I finished my practice and a beautiful idea popped into my head about my writing. I’m anxious now to get it figured out! I hope you tried to meditate along with me. It made me feel stronger to know that other people were on the journey with me. My challenge is now over but I’m not through with my meditation.


  16. sparkyjen says:

    I noticed the meditative practices that you’ve learned and tried. It’s my hope that since writing this post, you have realized that meditation can be practiced while you are walking, singing, reading, listening to music away from any specific space, etc. This may give your more options, and a reason to expand your mind once again to include “just being” where you are right now. If you had to meditate on the toilet, that’s OK too. It’s all about the Breathe, and we breathe all day long. Choose a couple of unscripted minutes and have at it. Peace Be Still.

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