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Las Vegas – Three Men

  He was wearing a dark blue, velvet coat in 105 degree heat in Las Vegas. I guess it matched just fine with the slick, precise haircut, perfectly close shave, and heavy gold neck chains.  I should mention too, even … Continue reading

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Open Spaces and Museums

I learned from my mother the desire to surround myself with art.  We talked about each piece and artist and their importance in our scheme of things.  She shared her favorites; and through her patience I learned what I loved.  … Continue reading

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We Create Our Own Spaces

I found a wonderful article recently about the places where writers do their work.  The photographs were inspiring – home offices, personal libraries, and other, more make-shift places.  These rooms were tidy, cramped, beautiful, cluttered, serene, and chaotic.  Above all else, … Continue reading

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I Need to Meditate! Twenty-One Day Challenge

Meditation is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself, EVER.  It nurtures, it comforts, it heals.  About a year ago, I started to think about meditation as a way to help me cope with the stresses in life.  I … Continue reading

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